Crushed Tobacco

The finest Premium Tobacco Natural Leaf with 5 years of aging for a better enjoyment of the leaf. Carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality, slow burn for sure.

Cigar wraps

5 wraps per pack

Our premium leaf wraps are made from only the finest virgin all natural tobacco leaf. Carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality, taste and looks of the tobacco leaf. Our hand cut wraps allow for a luxury smoking experience every time.

Whole Leaf

Carefully harvested and inspected tobacco leafs allow for the highest quality and freshness in each smoke. Our premium tobacco is exclusively sourced from the Dominican Republic, where the rich soils and perfect weather allow for tobacco to grow and age in optimal conditions.

Cigar Cones

3 Cones per Pack

Our pre-rolled tobacco cones make the cigar rolling process much more efficient and allow a better finish for our smokers cigars. A better construction means a better smoke, and with our all natural premium tobacco, you could only expect the best of the best.

Available 2023